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Sustain and Clean FRP Handrails for Longevity

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People these days don’t have much time for maintaining their products. They just can’t hold a cloth and start rubbing off, scrubbing, sealing or painting a railing. FRP handrails manufacturer brings a permanent solution for them. The solution is FRP handrails that require low-maintenance which just not only save your time and money, but also ensure that your stair railing endures for several years without any frustration.

Vinyl railings are the best partner for your home as you don’t have to put efforts to install them. They look beautiful and need less maintenance than the regular products. If you don’t know how to clean vinyl railing, just read this post further.

Cleaning vinyl railing

  • Rinse

If you have a garden hose, then it is just perfect! You just need that to rinse your handrail thoroughly. You can set your spray hose at moderate pressure and rinse away the debris or grim accumulated on the railing. Never use high pressure washer as it could damage the vinyl.

  • Gentle cleaning

You should use a simple soap mixture made with liquid detergent and water. Scrub your railing with a soft brush and rinse it with plain water.

  • Inspect occasionally

It can happen that your railing looks rusty if you don’t take care of it properly. Inspect the bolts and hardware often and if you notice the first sign of rust, just treat it. If a piece of hardware becomes rusted, remove or replace it.

  • Clean regularly

Vinyl is easy to clean and you must clean it regularly. You have to do it because staining can blemish the material and these stains can become stubborn if you become carefree. You should try to rinse your handrail once a week if possible.

Just in case you have to deal with algae and dark spots, you must remove it with a pressure washer. If low setting pressure washing doesn’t work, you can use brush and scrub a little. You can even use anti-algae product.

Make sure you get the premium quality vinyl railing from the reliable manufacturer and have it installed properly. There are FRP handrails manufacturers offering durable railing that lasts for decades if you maintain them properly. Make some research and find the best dealer in your town that supplies quality handrails and FRP products to global clients.

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