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Ensure high performance with GRP Pipes

GRP pipes are some of the most used pipes around the world. These pipes are used both for transferring water and sewage and also for the distribution of the same. These pipes are available in different diameters, from 6 meters, 8 meters to 12 meters. GRP refers to glass reinforced plastic, which is a combination of glass fiber and resin matrix.Some of the primary industries where GRP pipes are indispensable are:

  • Automobile industry, especially for bumpers and bodies.
  • Aerospace industry for the manufacture of panels and tail units.
  • Water and sewage industry for the production of pipes, tanks and manholes.
  • Chemical and turbine industry.
  • Electrical and sports industry.

How are the GRP pipes manufactured?

The premium GRP Pipes manufacturers India follow the winding process to produce the best GRP pipes. The process involves winding continuously in bi-directional layers until the desired thickness in the pipe walls are received. The prime features of this manufacturing process is better physical properties are achieved, have better service life and reducing the cost. This technology was first used at the aviation and marine industry where light weight and high grade materials were required.

What are the advantages of using GRP pipes?

Corrosion Resistant-

GRP pipes manufacturers India ensure that you get rust free pipes. These pipes are manufactured from helical filaments, glass fiber and polyester resin. These materials are not only resistant to corrosion but also neutral to harsh chemicals, acids, alkaline and adverse weather conditions.

Non Toxic-

GRP pipes are constructed with polymer resins and then vaporized to remove any toxicity. This makes the GRP pipes suitable for transmitting drinking water and food stuffs.

Cost Effective-

GRP pipes manufacturers India come with pipes which are less frictional; this in turn means low consumption of electricity and less pumping cost. Besides a smooth internal surface, these pipes have high ‘C’ value, that is, has immense capability to transmit fluids under higher pressure.

Prolonged Life-

The GRP pipes are hydraulic designed and if you are getting some from the top GRP pipes manufacturers India, these guarantee safety factor of more than 1.8 times of its pressure class. GRP pipes are known to have better service life than C.I., Steel, G.I. and P.S.C. pipes.

Leakage Proof-

GRP pipes come with high resistance and high stiffness. This reduces the probability of leaks or bursts which is generally caused by water hammers.

Light Weight-

GRP pipes have more strength in compared to the weight of the material. As per GRP pipes manufacturers India, the pipes are lighter than 1/10 P.S.C., 1/5 of steel and 1/8 of C.I. less weight means you can move the pipes easily from one place to the other; install without the need of extensive manual labor.

Things to keep in mind while choosing GRP pipes

If you want the GRP pipes to perform the best, check for the below facts-

  • Comply with the latest requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
  • The GRP pipes which are customized and are not required to be cut on sites.
  • Can be installed easier and faster without the need of miter bends and concrete thrust blocks.
  • Optimally aligned to easily adapt to the terrain.

So why wait? Get the best pipes from the top GRP pipes manufacturers India today to ensure a high performing production process.

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